As a construction worker, you already understand how complicated construction sites are, with everyone making efforts to complete their tasks. Unfortunately, even with compliance to the local, state, and federal safety standards, accidents happen. And one of the worst that can quickly turn tragic is a chemical accident.

Among the many chemical accidents is lead poisoning. Lead is an ever-present hazard in construction sites as it is found in paints, solvents, or even pipe components. If you suspect you’ve been exposed to lead, it’s time to seek immediate medical treatment and talk to Bronx personal injury lawyers to help you get compensated for any medical consequences brought by the exposure.

Unfortunately, you may suffer lead injuries without realizing it. But some of the early signs include constant headaches, aches and pains, feeling tired, constipation and stomach cramps.

What Steps Should I Take After Being Hurt in A Bronx Construction Site?

Lead exposure in the Bronx can cause devastating injuries. Some can be seen immediately, while others take time. Regardless, you have a right to a full and fair recovery. Once you discover you’ve suffered a lead-related injury on a Bronx construction site, you need to move swiftly and take action.

One of the reasons you need to act with speed is because you are more likely to gather all the necessary evidence for your case. Secondly, the faster you make a claim, the sooner you are likely to recover and actually avoid any further damage to your body system.

If you or a family member has been a victim of lead exposure on a New York construction site, you shouldn’t take the action alone. Instead, we advise you to seek the legal guidance and counsel of a qualified Bronx lead poisoning attorney. And at The Law Offices Of Thomas Lavin, we understand the heartbreaking effects of lead exposure on people.

What Are the Problems Caused by Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning can have long-lasting effects on the human body. As it builds up, the person may experience various symptoms, including kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, and neurotoxicity.

If you ingest or breath in the lead, you may exhibit some of these symptoms:

  • Liver and kidney failure
  • Chronic headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Hypertension
  • Impotence
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Issues with the central nervous system
  • High blood pressure
  • Miscarriage, premature births, stillbirths
  • Mood disorders
  • Abdominal pain
  • Death is also a likely injury associated with lead exposure.

Sources of Lead Poisoning in Construction Sites

During demolitions, renovation and cleanup, lead particles are likely to be released. Welding metal alloys with lead can shed some of these particles, contaminating the welder. Demolition crews and painters are at the top of the list likely to suffer lead poisoning. But anyone involved in scraping, grinding, and blasting lead-painted structures could also be exposed to these injuries.

Lead smelters, iron, and steel production plants, and battery manufacturers are all areas likely to be contaminated with lead in the air, water and ground. If you or a loved one is showing signs of lead poisoning, take action and speak to a lead poisoning attorney in the Bronx. You deserve compensation.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid Making After the Lead Exposure Accident?

One of the top mistakes people who have suffered a construction work injury in New York or the Bronx is not speaking with an experienced Bronx personal injury lawyer. Your attorney is there to help you avoid making any mistakes that can deny you compensation.

Some of the mistakes to avoid include:

  • Listening to an Employer’s Advice
    Your employer will do whatever is necessary to reduce the amount owed in compensation. They may even suggest certain doctors who can treat you “cheaply.” While some employers or even colleagues may give genuine advice, you can’t be sure if the advice is in your best interests. Talk to an experienced Bronx lead poisoning lawyer who has dealt with such cases and can offer you the best advice.
  • Not Reporting an Injury
    The fear of employer retaliation may prevent some workers from reporting a workplace injury. But whatever the reason for not reporting, skipping this step prevents any effort to make the workplace safe and jeopardizes your recovery journey.
  • Not Following On Medical Treatment
    Make sure you keep all your medical appointments and follow your doctor’s plan. Follow exactly what your doctor says as this is a rather sensitive kind of injury.
  • Not Filing a Worker’s Compensation
    New York workers are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits for medical costs and lost wages. Your employer can’t retaliate because it’s illegal. Your lead poisoning attorney in New York can help your file this claim.
  • Accepting A Settlement Without Any Legal Help
    Insurance companies have this habit of shortchanging accident victims with cleverly looking settlements that look enticing but are not in your best interests. You are entitled to past, current, and future damages.

Who Will Be Held Responsible for Lead Poisoning in A New York Construction Site?

Workers are barred from suing their employers but can sue other third parties for lead poisoning in New York.

  • Site Owners
    Their job is to provide adequate handwashing points, break rooms, clean eating areas, and shower rooms
  • General Contractors
    These include site managers who should offer protective gear, test the air for lead, ensure regular testing, and remove any worker from the site if they have above 40 mcg/dL of lead in their blood
  • Subcontractors
    Workers suspected to be exposed to lead poisoning should be examined by a medical professional for blood tests. If this is not done, the third party may be liable.
  • Product Manufacturers
    A manufacturer of a defective protective gear like clothing or respirator

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Lead Exposure Lawsuit In New York?

The statute of limitations in New York for such cases is three years from the date the injury was discovered or should have reasonably been discovered.

Aggressive Legal Professionals Fighting for The Injured in The Bronx

Many chemicals found on construction sites are strictly regulated. And some of these chemicals have extremely adverse effects as they continue to build up in the body. If a worker is exposed to lead, the negligent parties can be held liable for their negligence.

An experienced and compassionate New York personal injury attorney can fight for your compensation. More specifically, you need an attorney with the experience to prosecute lead poisoning cases. At our law firm, we have a 30-year record of success and therefore understand the challenges and concerns families face in such instances. Talk to us today and let us help you get the fair compensation you deserve.