Winter will set in within a few weeks, making large parts of the Bronx area difficult to walk around in. Ice and snow collection typically occurs in parking lots, or outside stores, supermarkets and other businesses. The risk of a fall accident on snow and ice increases dramatically in the next few weeks. This means, you will need the help of a slip and fall lawyer in the Bronx.

Remember, however, that merely suffering injuries in an accident on ice and snow outside a business may not make you eligible for a claim against the business. It is important for you to show that the business owner did not do what he could reasonably have done to warn you about the risk of injuries, or to clear the ice and snow from outside his property.

That may be easier said and done. For instance, if your injury occurred on a particularly snowy day, on which snow was collecting faster than it could be cleared off, it will be difficult for you to prove that the owner was liable. In such a case, the owner may argue – and very successfully at that- that you should have been more careful about looking out for slippery conditions in such stormy weather.

Many businesses do contract out snow clearing activities to third-party activities, like a third party plowing company. In spite of that, snow can collect quickly, particularly in stormy weather. Pedestrians do have a reasonable duty to look out for hazards, and avoid them.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident on snow or ice, take pictures of the site where the accident occurred, as well as pictures of your injuries. To learn more about your rights after suffering an accident on ice and snow, speak to a Bronx slip and fall lawyer. You may be eligible to recover damages including your medical bills, pain and suffering and lost income, but first you will need to speak to a Bronx  personal injury attorney.