As soon as you have been involved in an accident, our car accident attorneys recommend that you get medical help for yourself and occupants in your car. If you’re injuries are not serious enough to require emergency room treatment, remain at the scene of the accident and wait for police to arrive. If the occupants of your car need emergency room treatment, make sure that they are sent for treatment.

Once police arrive at the scene of the accident, wait for them to make their report. Police may ask you questions, but there’s no need for you to give any explanations about the reason for the accident. Don’t begin assigning blame for the accident, but give important information that you believe will help them in their investigation.

For instance, if you noticed that the other motorist was texting or was using a cell phone just before his car hit your car, inform police of this. If you noticed the other motorist walking with an unsteady gait, or smelled alcohol on his breath when he got out of the car, tell officers about this as well. This could provide the police vital clues about the cause of the accident, and will give you substantial evidence on which you can base a claim.

Note down important details at the scene of the accident. Note down the date and time of the crash, the license plate number of the other motorist, the name and contact information including phone numbers of the other motorist, as well as the names and contact information of witnesses at the scene. All of this information will help you when it comes to filing a claim. Next, get in touch with a Bronx personal injury lawyer to discuss whether you have grounds for a viable claim.