For most city dwellers in New York, it’s cost-prohibitive to buy, drive and store a car. Therefore, many people prefer public transport, including by bus. But because these buses share the roadways with other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, accidents are likely to happen.

If you’ve been involved in an accident in New York involving a bus, you deserve damages for your injuries. A Bronx personal injury attorney can fight to ensure that you get the maximum compensation available.

However, you must be ready to do certain things to get compensation. An accident can overwhelm the victim and other family members, but you need to act fast to protect your best interests.

What Type of Bus Accident Can I Seek Compensation For?

A New York bus accident can be a source of great anxiety. A bus accident can involve many different people, including the bus passengers, pedestrians, passengers in other vehicles, drivers in other cars, motorcyclists, and bicyclists.

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident in the Bronx, take action today and contact an experienced Bronx public transportation accident lawyer who can help pursue compensation on your behalf. Your lawyer will also be instrumental in protecting you against bus companies, which generally have aggressive legal departments.

What Should I Do Immediately After a Bus Accident In New York?

Unfortunately, America has a shortage of qualified and experienced drivers. Many who are on our roads are often overworked and inexperienced. In the event that you find yourself in a New York bus accident, you need to take some steps.

Seek Medical Attention

Your health and overall wellbeing should be your top priority. Call 911 and let a doctor examine and treat you. Remember, some injuries will show symptoms hours, days, or weeks after the accident. Your doctor should be able to check the existence of internal injuries, and the doctor’s report should be used while seeking compensation.

Inform The Police

Bus drivers are required to report to the police about bus accidents. But you should also do it on your own. Give the police all the details without admitting guilt.

Gather Any Evidence from The Scene

You could take photographs of your injuries, the scene, the position of the vehicles, property damage, etc. These pieces of evidence will illustrate how the crash happened.

Exchange Contact Information

Obtain contact information of any eyewitnesses and exchange contacts with the bus driver. Write down the license plate numbers of all involved vehicles and note their insurance information.

Should I Call a Bus Accident Lawyer in NY?

Although the law doesn’t prevent you from making a claim without any legal help, it would be an unwise decision. A bus accident involves complex matters that may be challenging to handle on your own. Similarly, the bus driver’s insurance may try to shortchange you and offer you an amount much less than you deserve.

You need a Bronx public transportation accident lawyer to help you avoid making mistakes and receiving less compensation. Remember, even a minor bus accident can have devastating consequences which require high medical bills and time for you to heal. A bus accident attorney in the Bronx ensures you have the peace of mind to focus on your recovery.

Statute of Limitation in NY

You have deadlines to bring a lawsuit against liable parties in a bus accident. If the bus involved in the accident is privately owned, you should file a claim within three years. If it was a public bus, you only have 90 days to sue and seek compensation. This is a short time, and you could lose your right to compensation if you delay. Contact your public transportation accident attorney in the Bronx to begin the process immediately.

Who Is Liable in A Bus Accident?

Anyone who contributed to your injuries should be able to compensate you and facilitate your recovery. Depending on the accident’s circumstances, there could be several liable parties. These include:

  • Bus driver
  • Bus company
  • Bus manufacturers
  • Bus maintenance company

How Will I Recover Compensation for My Injuries?

You can recover compensation by making a third-party claim against the driver’s insurer. This is just one way to do it. You can also file a bus accident lawsuit in New York if you were seriously injured or not getting enough money from the insurer.

You can get compensation for medical expenses, past and future lost income, and past & future pain and suffering. Because the government owns most buses, it may be a bit complicated. It’s advisable to talk to an experienced public transportation accident lawyer in New York for skilled guidance.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid in A Bus Accident?

You shouldn’t leave the accident scene before the police arrive. And when they come, you must tell them that you suffered an injury. Most people tend to leave and go home. But you should stay and ensure you’re documented. For instance, your name should be recorded as being on the bus when the investigating authority collects those names.

You should also not avoid seeking medical care. Even if you feel fine, you should still see a doctor who will examine you properly. Don’t worry about the costs, as the insurance will pay the bills.

Avoid talking to insurance people. Insurance companies are in business and only care about their profits. Instead, speak to your personal injury attorney in the Bronx, who will talk to the insurance companies on your behalf.

Experienced Legal Professionals Helping Bus Accident Victims Recover?

A bus accident can be highly traumatic. You may even decide to take the first offer from the insurance company go your way. However, this may not be an intelligent move. Medical bills tend to spiral with time, and that would hurt your family. You need a lawyer who can accurately calculate fair compensation for the entire recovery journey.

Our personal injury law firm in the Bronx is ready to fight for your wellbeing. You shouldn’t get into medical debt and cause unnecessary turmoil to your family. Let us help you recover damages through a settlement or court awards. Schedule a case evaluation with our injury attorneys today to get started.