According to the National Transportation Safety Board, last year alone, there were 539 car accident fatalities that were directly linked to accidents caused by tire failures. A further 190,000 people were injured in these accidents. However, it is difficult to tell exactly how many of these accidents were linked to tires that were recalled.

That’s because the system for recalling tires is an extremely defective one, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, and very often allows people to continue to drive with defective and recalled tires on their cars. Manufacturers very often don’t know how to contact owners to let them know about the defective tires, because dealers do not have this information.

In a recently released report, National Transportation Safety Board says that the system fails in its inability to allow manufacturers to immediately connect with the owners of these defective tires about recalls. Much of the recall information simply doesn’t permeate, and many tire owners may be unaware of these recalls. They continue to drive around with tires that have serious defects with the potential to cause serious accidents.

Remember, tire failure-related accidents are usually extremely severe, and could result in the car turning over. As Bronx product liability lawyer see, rollover accidents which are typically associated with tire blowouts constitute just about 3% of the total number of accidents that occur in the United States every year, but cause more than a quarter of all car accident fatalities in the country.

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