According to a new study, when newborns are given generic baby names in the hospital, they may be at a high risk of becoming victims of medical errors. When a newborn simply named “Baby Jones”, there’s a much higher risk of medical errors that include medication errors, administering the wrong dosage of drug or breast milk to the wrong baby, and other types of errors. Babies who already have a weakened immune system can suffer serious injuries from such errors. For instance, if the newborn is given the wrong type of blood product, or the wrong type of medication, or is given a medication that he or she is allergic to, the results could potentially be fatal.

The researchers found that when hospitals established a more specific baby name system, there was a reduction of as much as 36%, in the number of medicinal errors involving newborns. In such a system, the babies were given more specific names. Instead of simply “Baby Brown”, for instance, the baby could be called “Lisasbaby Brown”.

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