Accidents can happen in any workplace, including a construction site – a falling object can hit you, or you could slip and fall. When this happens, you might be worried that you will become incapable of performing your work duties and be unable to do the things you love.

But what worries most victims of workplace injuries is how they can get treatment, which doctors they can visit, and who will eventually pay for the medical bills. The correct answer depends entirely on the specific patient’s situation. Consulting a Bronx personal injury lawyer is the first step towards making the right decisions.

Which Doctors Can Attend to Me After a Construction Accident?

Your regular doctor can attend to you if your employer’s insurance company doesn’t have a Preferred Provider Network. These are doctors that have entered into a contract with the insurance company, and the insurer has agreed to cover payments only through them. A Bronx construction injury lawyer can help you determine if your employer’s insurance has a Preferred Provider Network.

There is nothing to worry about if your employer’s insurer is among the few that deal with Preferred Network Providers. The requirement is that you see one of their preferred doctors within 30 days of your construction accident. After the period expires, you will be at liberty to visit any other doctor of your choice. You may have an advantage if your regular doctor is among the list of doctors approved by your employer’s insurance company.

What Should I Do Before an Independent Medical Exam?

You risk losing your workers’ compensation benefits if you refuse the insurance company’s request for an independent medical test. As unfair as it sounds, the insurance gets to pick the doctor that carries out the medical examination. The best way to prepare for it is by thinking about the possible questions that the doctor is likely to ask.

Victims of construction accidents should be as honest as possible while answering questions asked by the medical personnel. Consider tagging along with a friend or a family member to your Independent Medical Exam (IME) to act as a witness. They may not be allowed to speak, but they can take notes. You can write the notes yourself as soon as possible; while your memory is still fresh.

What Happens Before an IME?

Before the scheduled exam, the insurance company would have sent copies of your medical records to the doctor. They will also attach a cover letter informing the medic that they want to know more about your health condition.

Sometimes, the information the insurance company has might be incorrect. It is critical to get a copy of the letter to confirm the information they have about you and correct mistakes if any. Simply write a request letter, and don’t forget to forward a copy to the state’s workers’ compensation board.

Is My IME Confidential?

Every little thing you do or say during the independent medical exam is reported to the insurance company. And the observation begins even before you enter the doctor’s office. They watch out for people that may hop easily from the car and walk briskly into the premises – only to groan and limp when they get to the waiting room.

Insurance companies are constantly looking for things to use against you and your construction injury case. Many people make the mistake of not talking about pre-existing conditions, thinking that it hinders getting compensation. Simply explain to the doctor how the new injury has affected you differently, and a Bronx construction injury lawyer will do the rest.

How Essential Is It To Tell the Truth During the IME?

Insurance companies sometimes go to the extent of putting victims under surveillance. They may present videos of you bending, lifting, or driving if you had lied about your inability to perform those activities. And the consequences might be you losing out on all your compensation.

Victims of construction accidents have a responsibility of telling the doctor all the details about:

  • How the injury is affecting their daily living activities
  • Their mobility struggles.
  • Their pain management.

Notably, some details might be embarrassing, but you should speak out if it affects the quality of your life. For instance, victims can have trouble making it to the bathroom on time or have difficulties dressing themselves up after suffering the injuries.

What Should I Look Out for in an Own Doctor?

After 30 days, insurers with Preferred Network Provider allow you to find another doctor – without the risk of losing compensation. The right medical personnel is critical to your recovery. Employees injured at work need to consider doctors whose specialization is in treating injured workers.

Depending on your injuries, you can consider a physical therapist, psychologist, chiropractor, physiatrist, pain management doctor, neurologist, or orthopedic surgeon. Some of the aspects to consider in picking a workers’ compensation doctor are:

  • Authorization of the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board
  • The length of time they have practiced in the medical field
  • Recommendations from colleagues, friends, or family
  • Excellent patients’ reviews
  • Experiences in dealing with workers’ comp patients

What if the Employer Does Not Have Insurance?

Whether or not your employer has insurance, they have a legal responsibility to cater for you if you are injured at work. The sole difference is that you will have to file a personal injury lawsuit against them, and a Bronx construction injury lawyer can help.

It is essential to follow the same steps you would follow for a workers’ comp injury. For instance, seek medical attention from your own doctor and keep all your medical and non-medical records. Afterward, your Bronx accident attorney can put together all the necessary documents and assist you in pursuing damages.

An Accident Law Firm Striving to Recover the Compensation You Deserve

Workplace accident victims do not have to figure out everything on their own. You are already dealing with trauma from the accident, and it is better to work closely with a NY personal injury attorney that has been practicing for more than three decades.

If you are in New York, you don’t have to be afraid of medical bills piling up or struggle with the legal aspects of your injuries.

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