Whiplash injuries or neck injuries typically occur in rear-ender accidents, but can also occur in all other types of accidents. When the body is jolted from behind upon impact, the neck is flung back, while the torso is thrown ahead. Immediately after, the head whips front, while the torso is thrown back. That movement causes severe strain on the neck muscles, causing injuries known as whiplash injuries.

Soon after the accident, you may not notice very severe pain. However, you may experience discomfort, or mild pain in the neck region. Don’t ignore this pain, and get it checked out. If paramedics at the scene of the accident recommend that you go to a hospital for your neck pain, don’t disagree with them. It’s very important to get all types of injuries checked out, and failure to get injuries referred to a doctor, and failure to get medical treatment can destroy your personal injury claim.

Don’t wait until the neck pain gets worse to go to a doctor. The longer you wait to get treatment, the easier it will be for the insurance company to claim that your neck injury has nothing to do with the accident. For help filing a claim after suffering whiplash, speak to a Bronx personal injury lawyer.

If the doctor recommends certain types of treatment for your neck injury, go ahead and take those treatments. Document all the types of treatment that you have undergone. Document and maintain copies of your x-ray records, diagnostic tests, MRI scans, CT scans, emergency room admission forms, and any other types of medical records related to the treatment.

To begin filing a claim for whiplash, speak to a Bronx personal injury lawyer.