If you ask anybody that’s from the Bronx, they’ll tell you that the very best pizza comes from the Bronx. There might be some disagreement about the best place in the Bronx to get a pie, but here’s a few to put on the list.


Close to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Coals is a funky little place that turns out some great pizza! The pizza has a super thin crust and is grilled to perfection. Try the Heaven Scent, which is topped with fresh garlic, tomato, fresh mozzarella, and aged provolone. It’s guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. Mmmm…that garlic!

New Yankee SK Pizza

This is the place to get a slice if you’re looking for a classic New York pizza. It’s a hidden treasure, but well worth the hunt! Six dollars will get you two massive slices and a soda. The pizza has a firm crust, delicious sauce, and lots of fresh, gooey cheese. Perfect eats for pizza folders…you know who you are!

Zero Otto Nove

If you’re eating in and looking for some atmosphere, this is the joint you want to go to for pizza. You’ll think that you’re in a trattoria in Tuscany. The wall murals, combined with the rustic décor, set off the beautiful brick oven pies wonderfully! You’ll find a wide variety of unusual combinations when you want to try something a little different. The La Ricardo is topped with pancetta and smoked mozzarella, atop a delicious butternut squash puree.

Napoli’s Best Pizza

This friendly, family-owned, neighborhood joint is what getting a slice is all about! Head over to East Tremont and for $2.50, buy your slice of heaven. This place keeps the old pizza-making tradition alive through the generations. Even as employees take over these cozy little pizza places, they stick with the tried and true methods that create the perfect pizza.


Patricia’s has the art of the brick oven down to perfection. This family-run Italian place serves pizza and a whole variety of Italian favorites. A fan favorite is the Regina. This pizza with the hearty crust is topped with fresh tomato, fresh basil, and buffalo mozzarella. Are you looking for a vegetarian pizza treat? Try their La Gardinia, which is topped with Portobello mushrooms, grilled eggplant, and zucchini. While you’re waiting for your pie, you might want to try some of their seared octopus as an appetizer…it’s great!

Full Moon Pizzeria

When you’re in the mood for Italian in the Bronx, head for Arthur Ave…the place to be when you get that craving. Full Moon Pizzeria is an upscale pizza parlor and a little pricier than some of the other places we mentioned. Still, a plain slice at $3, or a topped slice for $4 won’t break the bank. The crust here is thin, crispy, and delicious! You can tell that they use the freshest ingredients and that they demand high-quality ingredients for their pizza.

Are You Hungry Yet?

This list gives you plenty of inspiration to do your own research for the best pizza in the Bronx. Happy Hunting!