Thousands of car accidents still happen, despite significant advances in automobile safety, and thousands are still killed and injured every year. Every automobile accident, injury, and resulting lawsuit means that someone’s life may be adversely affected for a considerable length of time. If you are injured by a negligent or distracted driver in any accident in the New York City area, you can be compensated for your injury-related expenses, but it’s imperative to take your case promptly to an experienced Bronx car accident attorney.

A study recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined the real costs of automobile accidents in 2012. The CDC report is a measurement of how genuinely shattering automobile accident injuries and damages can really be. Traffic collisions in 2012, for example, cost the injured $18 billion for both immediate and long-term care. Auto accident victims in the United States – when combined together – spend about one million days a year in hospitals or rehabilitation – days that are forever lost from work and school. Perhaps the most disturbing figure in the CDC report is the average cost of an average crash victim’s emergency care and hospitalization: more than $60,000.

The cost of personal injuries and property damages resulting from car crashes is a real concern, and if you’re hurt in an auto accident, that cost may far surpass anything you’ve anticipated. You really must have a skilled personal injury lawyer advocating aggressively for you if you’ve been injured. Auto accident lawyers, especially in New York, know precisely what the long-term costs of an injury can be. If you’re injured in a car accident anywhere in or near the five boroughs, get medical treatment immediately, and then speak as quickly as possible to an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney, and do not hesitate to make the call.